Make your own Sourdough Bread with Vitam Instant Sourdough.

It is so easy and you even have a choice to have your own Sourdough Bread either by Kneading it yourself or in your Bread Maker!

VITAM Original Sauerteig (Instant Sourdough) is the key to making excellent sourdough rye bread at home. It gives the characteristic taste and sponge structure of sourdough bread by restraining starch splitting enzymes in the dough and allowing the bread to rise with the help of normal baker’s yeast.

VITAM Instant Sourdough is grown in a closely controlled three-step culture process, then extracted and carefully dried to permit packing and long storage. VITAM Instant Sourdough and Yeast can be added direct to the other ingredients in the following recipes before mixing.. Experiment with your own recipes as well

Sourdough bread is more moist and dense than normal wheat bread and keeps better but it is not as light. In the following recipe, almost any proportion of wheat flour (preferably ‘Baker’s Flour’) or Wholemeal Plain Flour can be substituted for rye flour to suit your personal taste.

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    Vitam Sourdough