Traditional Sourdough vs Fast Sourdough

Traditionally Sourdough requires the use of a sourdough starter. Making a sourdough starter is not a quick and easy process as a good starter takes at least 48 hours, nurturing every step of the way, before it can be used. Maintaining a sourdough starter is a never-ending task; it must be ‘fed’ and maintained regularly, a process that involves discarding most of the starter and refreshing it with new flour. This results in a lot of waste!

Making a starter can be a time honored tradition.   Sourdough starters and recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.  However making sourdough this way requires time, planning, preparation, and most of all, patience.

No need for Sourdough starter?  Sounds too good to be true, but it can be achieved, and with delicious results.

Vitam Instant dried sourdough does not need to be grown or maintained, instantly saving hours of prep time! “Vitam Sauerteig Extrakt”, imported from Germany,  is a starter that is grown in a closely controlled, three step culture process, then extracted and carefully dried for long storage.

Simply add the Vitam package contents to your bread mix!

The end result is a delicious traditional bread, made quickly, without compromising taste or quality. This method is used by many bakers worldwide for its convenience and ease. There is no need to maintain a sourdough starter, feeding and monitoring it endlessly while discarding lots of flour on a weekly basis when you can have delicious sourdough bread with the ease and convenience of making a regular yeast bread.

If you want to make sourdough bread but don’t have the time to make your own then this is the product for you!  Vitam Instant Dried Sourdough allows you to mix the flour of your choosing, from Standard Bakers Flour to Rye Flour.  Make healthy, delicious Sourdough the fast and easy way with a foolproof instant dried sourdough!

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